Episode 1 – the first post

I sit here typing, not at my adorable little writing desk, but in my lounge. On a cushion. On the floor. By the coffee table. Why? Just in case the boy wakes up. I don’t want him coming into the lounge and seeing an empty house.

This little person is precisely the reason for this blog. I am his stepmum and I adore him. But man, we have our ups and downs. Take tonight for example – he has a brand new night light from his Nonni (as he doesn’t like the dark and wakes up 3-4 times a night). But no, he doesn’t want it, he wants a partly USB disco light that his dad gave him (thanks love). When we say he needs to keep the new one in his room – tantrum. Tears, wails, the works. Which makes me, and I quote “a mean and nasty lady” when I try to explain he can’t just chuck it out of his room. Harsh words from a 4 year old.

But when he’s calmed down a bit and it’s time to go to bed he’s all, “I love you Amber!”. What a tug at the heartstrings. It’s these ups and downs that I want to get down into this blog. So I can make sense of them and hopefully reach other stepmums (or stepdads for that matter) that may be going through similar things


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